Squarezy was developed to finally bring squares pools to the internet.  Super Bowl squares are definitely the most popular, although Squarezy is now hosting a solid variety of squares pools for College Bowl Games, March Madness, playoff series', and other major sporting events.  If you don't know what a squares pools is, we've got the basics covered for you:  

Here we go...

A "pool manager" will create a unique Pool ID and Pool Password which will be needed in order for others to join the pool.  Also, the pool manager will assign team names to the columns (top) and to the rows (left side) as shown below:

The pool manager will then share the Pool ID and Pool PW with participiants - friends, family, co-workers, etc.  Participants will use the ID and PW to join the pool, then select their own square(s).

The pool manager then confirms the entry of each participant which will turn your square GREEN.

Once all participants are confirmed, the pool manager will close the pool and automatically generate the numbers.  Numbers 0-9 will fill in the empty cells along the top and left side of the grid.  Now you have your Super Bowl numbers, time for the big game.

    Here are the results of the game:


You will use the last digit of each teams score for the first 3 quarters, and the final score.  For example:

First Quarter - Ravens 7, 49ers 3

Second Quarter - Ravens 4, 49ers 3

Third Quarter - Ravens 7, 49ers 7

Final Score - Ravens 4, 49ers 1

The pool manager will select the winners, which will be highlighted in blue within the squares grid.  You can also visit the winners page once your logged in for a breakdown of the winners by quarter.